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Join two adult men who have nothing better to do as they take a deep dive into the opening and end credits of their favorite and not-so-favorite movies and TV shows.

July 17, 2020

Ep. 55: Fargo (Opening Credits)

Aw geez. Ya better get bundled up 'cause this week we're making our way through the snow-filled landscape that is the opening credits to Fargo. Okay there? Real good, then. 


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"Seeing White" by Scene On Radio  

"Police Abolition" by Call Your Girlfriend 

"A Black Man's Experience in America with Marcus Stricklin" by Unapologetically Sensitive

"Disney's Most Controversial Film: Six Degrees of 'Song of the South'" by You Must Remember This


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Links, as promised in the episode: 

Fargo Opening Credits 

Piano cover of Fargo, North Dakota by Keith McCabe

Fingerstyle guitar cover of Fargo, North Dakota by Andrey Basalay

How to Speak Fargo Supercut by Fandor 

And, for no reason whatsoever, a movie accent expert critiquing Jon Voight's awful accent in "Anaconda"


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