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Join two adult men who have nothing better to do as they take a deep dive into the opening and end credits of their favorite and not-so-favorite movies and TV shows.

June 5, 2019

Ep. 19: Family Guy (Opening Credits)

Get ready to laugh and cry - or is it effin' cry? Either way, Gary Dudak and Max Miller are taking on the opening credits to the long-running cartoon Family Guy while knocking out one bad impression after another in the process.


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Links, as promised in the episode: 

Family Guy Opening Credits (Seasons 1-9) 

All the different endings to the Family Guy opening credits

Rap Version of the Family Guy Theme  

Full Version of the Family Guy Theme (live in Vegas)

Jazzy, Tap Dancing Cover of Family Guy theme by Postmodern Jukebox 

Acapella Cover of Family Guy Theme by Triforce Films 

8 Bit Cover of Family Guy Theme

Acoustic Cover of Family Guy Theme

Eminem "The Monster" ft. Rihanna (Sung in Family Guy Voices) by Mikey Bolts

Aladdin - A Whole New World (Peter Griffin & Stewie, Family Guy) by Wirah

Beatboxing in Family Guy Voices by Paul Vlahos


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